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Have you ever asked yourself "is this normal?" or

"should I be worried about this?" 

Sometimes you don’t need the extensive help or resources that full fledged therapy provides, but you definitely need help.


Whether your child has a diagnosis or not, there are times (perhaps a lot of times) when a professional opinion on a certain area is needed.

When you are tired of constantly having to have the same battle with your child.

When your child no longer responds to you and you feel things are out of control.


When you feel that your child is right on the line - some days they seem quite typical, while other days professional help can’t come soon enough.

You might find yourself thinking -

   I wish there was someone I could talk to besides my friends.. 


You can talk to us!

We have years of experience coaching parents just like you! Let’s have a conversation and explore all of those trouble areas together.


In the past, we have worked with parents to

  • decipher the meaning behind their child’s behavior & responses

  • develop a sensory diet

  • and provide parenting advice (just to name a few)


We can also bring our expertise to you physically by

  • conducting school visits

  • observing a child in school or at home

  • and supporting other professionals working with your child

tactile play therapy

"An amazing experience and learning! It's so easy to see learning happen with our son at a great place. Highly recommended!"​​


We'll be a great fit for you if..

You are looking for parental coaching from an experienced professional who works with all types of children, with a variety challenges.

You love learning, asking questions, and are open to trying new ideas or strategies.


You are committed to your child's developmental journey & value working as a team.

You like to keep it real. We don't like to sugar coat things around here - we're salt of the earth kind of people!

You are looking for a therapist that is eager to learn about your child & invested in their wellbeing. 

Sound like a good fit? let's talk!

Occupational therapist doing a tactile e


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