Occupational therapy evaluations & testing

I think It’s time we get to the root of your child’s challenges - what do you think?

It’s time for you to stop doubting your parenting skills - “is this really something or am I just crazy, or incapable, or paranoid?”


Let’s spend some time together, with your child, and start to uncover the underlying reasons for your child’s behavior.


Our comprehensive evaluations span

  • motor development 

  • visual perceptual skills 

  • sensory processing 

  • self regulation 

  • social & play skills

  • and handwriting 


Using a variety of standardized tests to formally evaluate your child, in addition to observing how they interact within our gym, we will be able to attain all of the information we need to build a treatment plan that effectively addresses their challenges & sets them up for success. 

tactile play therapy

"Michaelene is a dynamic OT.  Her expertise greatly adds to the work we do with children at The Howard School."


Our evaluations and testing typically take around two hours to complete, and are conducted by a SIPT certified therapist who has received extensive training in the assessment of Sensory Processing.


Additionally, we also provide interactive metronome assessments. 


I strongly recommend getting an evaluation whenever you start your OT journey not only so you have an accurate ‘baseline’, but more importantly to ensure that your therapist has all the information they need to help your child with their specific needs.


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I'm Michaelene, the owner & founding therapist behind Children In Motion.

I'm really passionate about helping children live to their full potential, no matter what challenges they are currently facing.


If there are any questions I can answer for you, please let me know! There aren't any dumb questions, promise.

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Michaelene Kearney, Owner of Children In Motion

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