It's That Time of Year Again

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It’s getting to the end of the school year, the weather is nice and warm, the sun stays out longer, and all of your spring sports are in full swing! I always find it challenging to stick to our routines around this time of year. There are so many things going on between school and just life in general. It’s hard to fit everything that you want to do in, right? Your child feels the same way. They see the extra sunlight as an opportunity to get some extra play time in, making it hard to bring them in for dinner & bedtime. Or they are so exhausted from the busy schedule that they barely have enough energy to do their homework (which was a breeze to do earlier in the school year). All of this can lead to more melt downs. More arguments. More stress.

I hear ya. Even though my girls are out of high school, we’re still working on getting this transition right! Over the years, I have found that the best remedy for the end of school stress (aside from a glass of wine!) is to go back to your routines that you worked so hard to maintain at the beginning of the year. Make sure they get enough sleep, give your child enough time to transition from activity to activity, eat on a regular basis, and make sure they get plenty of hard muscle work (by playing & exploring outside). Also, keep in mind the environmental or transitional adjustments you made to help your child at the start of the year. Maybe you found that your child does best when they go straight home to do their homework instead of heading to an activity first and then going home to do homework. Or you could have found your child needs soft instrumental music playing in the background while they work on their homework. Whatever strategies you found help your child, keep doing them! Even when it is really hard. It’s easy to let our guard down & not be as vigilant with our strategies when our children are doing so well, but it is so important to stay vigilant, especially during this time of year. Simply reinstating our routines or going back to what we know helps our children should help your child get back on track for the rest of the school year.

So, if you remember anything from this post, make sure your child..

-gets enough sleep

-eats regularly

-has enough time for transitions

-and that you use those strategies you found worked for you child at the beginning of the school year

After you do this for your child, do it for you too! There is only about a month left in school, I know you guys can make it! If you think your child needs extra help working on their handwriting or self regulation this summer, we would love to have them at one of our intensives! Click here for more information.


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