Dressing for Cold Weather

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

So. The cold weather is here, if not now, then it's coming very very soon.

The change of weather means change of clothes...which for some families can be way more complicated than it sounds.

Of course you want your child to be warm enough this winter, but you also don't want to have to fight with them EVERY morning about what to wear to school..or that birthday party..or Christmas eve service. And there is hardly any negotiating- either their way or bust.

If your child had their way, they would wear their PJs all day, right?

Although I wish that was publicly acceptable, we all know that is not feasible.

So here are some tips for you to try with your child this winter to help them find something nice yet comfortable to wear.

Provide Options

Remember to empower your child by offering them multiple options. "Which one..this one or this one..would you rather this or this" Giving them a choice helps them organize their thoughts. Giving them the final choice in what to wear will ultimately make them feel like they chose to wear the outfit-not that they were forced. You control the options, while they control the outcome.

Promote Independence

The more control your child has, the better they will feel about their clothing choices. It may be easier for your child to put on a pullover shirt instead of a button down shirt. You may want to avoid belts and zippers and go for an elastic waistband that is easy to pull up and down. Sometimes socks can be really tight (which makes them hard to pull up completely) so look for a style that has more give, maybe a short ankle sock instead of a crew sock. Also, try a slip on shoe instead of a high top shoe.

Consider Textures

Some materials are stiff and rigid, making it hard to adjust. Your child may prefer a material that is slippery, soft, or pliable so that it is easy to adjust to their comfortability. Some children like a loose fit while others like a tight fit. A bulky sweater could be too heavy for one child and just right for another. They might want to wear a loose fitting t-shirt under a sweater because the sweater is too scratchy. Some children prefer a light weight jacket verse a bulky one. It's all about discovering their personal preference, and then making adjustments to accommodate it.

Give them a heads up

It's always good to talk to your child about the changes of season and prepare them for the changes in clothing ahead of time. "Soon you will need to wear pants, which ones do you like?" Shopping ahead of time and having the new clothing on hand is helpful for your child to see in their closet or dresser drawer. Set up a trial run and have your child try on the clothes and see which pants work with which shirts. "How do your socks feel with your shoes?" etc. Then, if it isn't working out you have time to look for better options.

Taking all of these things into consideration should significantly improve how you and your child approach dressing for cold weather, and get back to what the holiday season is all about- being together as a family and making memories.


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