5 Ways to Keep Your Child Regulated and Involved This Thanksgiving

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

We want you to have a great thanksgiving with your family! Here are 5 quick tips and ideas to help your child stay regulated and involved this holiday season.

1. Get plenty of sleep!

2. Get lots of muscle work.

- Take a long walk outside before guest or family arrive (or you leave)

- Play and run at a favorite park or playground

- Make an obstacle course in your backyard or playground

- Have them help carry groceries to and from the car

- Knead pie crust or cookie dough

- Help set table

- Wash windows or tables

3. Make a visual schedule so your child knows what is coming.

4. Have a quiet space your child can retreat to. This could be either a room or quiet area where your child could read or look at a book, listen to rhythmical music, or play with their favorite toy.

5. Provide activities for your child to do to help with transitions. Having a fine motor bin is a great way to readily have activities when your child needs them. You could include..

- scissors & index cards for cutting various lines and shapes

- clothespins and sticks for building houses or objects with

- legos- everyone loves legos!

- beads and pipe cleaners or string to make necklaces, bracelets, etc

- coloring books or papers with preferred shapes and pictures to color

Give a few of those tips a try and let us know how they work! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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