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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

For some of you, getting back to the school schedule feels good. You love having a predictable routine and find it comforting, energizing and even soothing. For the rest of us, adapting to a new schedule, teacher, and friends is difficult: It’s easy to overlook the energy it takes to learn something new. All of these new experiences take energy and require a lot of work for our kiddos. So around this time of year, I like to remind my parents as they are getting use to a new schedule or routine to remember the 3Ps-

Provide lots of muscle work

Get Plenty of sleep- always a necessity

Be Patient!

I know, I know- easier said than done, but you can do it! Once you have those 3P's down, here are a few more tips to help your kiddos adjust to the new school routine.

Create a predictable routine

Carry book bag to designated spot, go to the bathroom, change clothes, eat a snack, do homework, play/soccer practice, dinner...make a consistent routine and stick to it.

Designate 15-30 minutes for playing

Climb on playground equipment, play with the dog, dance, have relay races, shoot hoops, play catch, jump rope, hopscotch, jump on the bed (with supervision of course), ride bikes.. these are just a few ideas, but make sure you get at least 15- 30 minutes in each day.

Provide brain breaks during homework

At the start of a new school year, adjusting to the amount of homework assigned each night can be a huge transition. It might help to incorporate movement and muscle work throughout the process. Some ideas include bouncing on a ball to recite spelling words or math facts (one of my daughters use to lay upside down on the yoga ball as she practiced her spelling words), tossing bean bags at a target between assignments to wake the brain up, or making a bubble mountain before homework (this will help your child focus and shift gears to get that homework done).

Use a visual schedule

As adults, we are able to maintain schedules in our head, but children have a harder time remembering, they have so many other (much more exciting) ideas running around their heads. Having a visual schedule can help them focus on a concrete plan. Your schedule could be as simple as a list on notebook paper, attached to a clipboard a chalkboard or a fancy chart with velcro strips.

So, remember-

Provide lots of muscle work

Get Plenty of sleep- always a necessity

Be Patient! You can do this!

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