School consultations

Occupational therapists are educators. Did you know that?

It is not only our job to administer therapy to our kiddos, but also to educate those surrounding my clients on how their child’s brain/body works in a way that is easy to understand so that they can take what we do inside of the clinic & incorporate it into their daily lives. 


In the process of learning the best way to educate our clients we have developed a (large) handful of printed resources, fine tuned how we explain things, and can anticipate needs accordingly.

Now, what does this have to do with you?


I’d be willing to bet that the students & families you serve in your school face the same challenges my clients do.

Throughout the years I've had the opportunity to partner with multiple schools by providing

  • consultative services

  • screenings

  • teacher or parent based workshops

  • individual therapy

  • and animal assisted interventions


Leverage 30+ years of hands on experience, I am equipped to

  • help your teachers build the best learning environment for their students 

  • support your students who struggle with reading through our animal assisted reading program Bark Buddies

  • give advice & a new perspective on challenging situations to your teachers

tactile play therapy

"Michaelene has a positive perspective and she helps teachers work within the classroom to meet children’s individual needs, and without disrupting the natural flow of your classroom routines. 


She has many little tricks and tweaks that help not just the child she is working with, but all of the children since we love to pass on her tips to everyone in the class. 


Michaelene explains why children do what they do and connects the dots of their sensory systems to show you how you can help them.  We cross our midline everyday in math! 


We love integrating O.T. strategies throughout the curriculum.  Just when you’ve tried your last “good idea,” Michaelene has a great perspective and can see what needs to be done to help your students!" 


We'll be a great fit for you if..

You are looking to maximize your students learning during their time at your school.

Your teachers love learning, asking questions, and are open to trying new ideas or strategies.


You are, or aim to be, on the cutting edge of education.

You value alternative learning & working as a team.

You don't take life too seriously! We are professional, but also like to laugh (when appropriate). 

What I love most about working with schools is the collaborative community that arises from working with the teachers, support staff, & administration.


Occupational therapy can benefit all students, whether they have a diagnosis or not, and can be used to maximize your students' learning in ways you wouldn't expect.

Ready to talk about what we can accomplish at your school?

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