pediatric occupational therapist

4 weeks of sensory

A workbook to help keep your kiddos occupied, regulated, & happy while in quarantine.

In this workbook you will find 4 weeks worth of...


We built this workbook to give you the tools you need to start incorporating sensory rich activities into your daily routines & 'keep the peace' during this unique time.  

We'd love to have you join us!

- step by step, detailed instructions for 20

sensory rich activities


- a list of materials  (you probably have most of the materials stashed in your closet already!)

- an example diagram for creating a movement circuit in your home

- a specially designed cootie catcher geared

towards sensory rich activities

- an easy-to-understand explanation of sensory processing & sensory rich activities

- & a whole lotta fun

Get the workbook for only $6.99!

pediatric occupational therapist

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