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Bringing what we do in our clinic to your living room, because you shouldn’t have to choose between your child’s health & their development.

We understand things are different these days. Parents all over the world are doing their best to keep their family safe, and sometimes that means not bringing their children into certain environments just yet.


I completely understand. My mom lives with my family & we are having to make those same tough decisions to keep her safe.


But luckily, modern day technology has enabled us to continue to provide OT services for our clients through telehealth.


These services include addressing challenges with handwriting, sensory processing, self regulation, and motor coordination, just to name a few. 


So how does it work? 

First we will have a conversation with each other to discuss what your child is struggling with & develop a treatment plan.

Once we have that all figured out, we will put together a personalized tool kit tailored for your child's specific needs and mail it out to you.

At the time of your appointment, we will work with your child through video chat*, utilizing the tools contained in your tool kit. 

*The video chat system we use is HIPPA compliant, so you can trust your child's information is safe. Therapy sessions will be about an hour long, giving us 50 minutes of hands on therapy & 10 minutes for us to discuss the session, answer any questions, and talk about any other concerns.

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" We have been working with Michaelene for almost a year now and his progress speaks for itself. She is very knowledgeable, professional and great with kids. My son loves coming to his Occupational Therapy sessions. I highly recommend Children in Motion to anyone looking for a great Occupational Therapist."


We'll be a great fit for you if..

You are looking for occupational therapy services but are not in our area, or not comfortable bringing your child into our clinic yet.

You love learning, asking questions, and are open to trying new ideas or strategies.


You are committed to your child's developmental journey & value working as a team.

You don't take life too seriously - we have a tendency to play silly imaginary games & laugh along the way (when appropriate of course).

You like to keep it real. We don't sugar coat things around here!

You are looking for a therapist that is eager to learn about your child & invested in their wellbeing. 

Ready to get started with telehealth?

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