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Animal Assisted Therapy

We kind of have a thing for dogs around here.

Studies show that therapy animals can have positive effects on one’s mental, social, and physical wellness. 


So in 2015, after years of trying to figure out how to incorporate animal assisted therapy into my business (and convince my husband to get another dog - for therapy purposes of course!), we took the plunge and adopted Sadie.


Sadie is a gentle hearted 5 year old lab mix who loves coming to the gym. During therapy sessions, Sadie helps our kiddos with self regulation, motor planning, strength, and emotional support.


Outside of the gym, Sadie is a reading specialist (maybe more like listening specialist), and helps children who are struggling with reading aloud through our reading program Bark Buddies. 


Whenever I take her to school for Bark Buddies, she is a literal celebrity! All of the students know her and want to come say hi - it’s the cutest thing.


I always ask permission before integrating Sadie into sessions in order to protect both Sadie & your child.   


Interested in meeting Sadie? Want to chit chat about Animal Assisted Therapy? Let’s talk!

Let me tell you about bark buddies

Bark Buddies was created about 3 years ago after our first (trial) run of a reading program at one of the schools I consult. The program was a major hit! I was amazed at the transformation I saw after only a few weeks of Sadie & I working with our students. 

Interested in hearing the whole story?

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Reading program with therapy dog
Dog Friends

What is animal

assisted therapy?

"AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) is a goal-oriented, planned, structured and documented therapeutic intervention directed by health and human service providers as part of their profession." (

Want to learn more about AAT & what makes Sadie a therapy animal and not an emotional support animal?

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have we met yet?

I'm Michaelene, the owner & founding therapist behind Children In Motion.

I'm also Sadie's other half. Together we make a pretty good team (if you ask me!).

Sadie constantly amazes me with her natural intuition and her sweet soul. When she looks at you, it's like she is trying to talk to you. If you've met her you know exactly what I mean! 

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Michaelene Kearney, Owner of Children In Motion

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