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Individual OT Therapy Sessions

one on one therapy is what we do best!

Whether it be in your home, at your child's school, or in our clinic - we love spending that one on one time with our kiddos and their families.

All of our treatment sessions are built uniquely for your child & with their specific goals in mind. 

Utilizing the principles of Ayers Sensory Integration Theory (ASI), our sessions are packed with movement, muscle work, and touch experiences that create just the right amount of challenge, provide multiple opportunities for success, and facilitate problem solving.

We believe in child driven therapy. This means we do not force your child to do activities they do not want to. Instead, we follow their lead, listening to their interests, while gently making adjustments to the activities they are interested in to ensure we work towards their goals. 

Aside from developing highly effective treatment plans, our top priority is to build a trusting, safe friendship with your child. Studies show that children who feel safe are more likely to take risks, which is essential for skill development.

So, what does one on one therapy look like with us?

In the clinic

When you come into the clinic for your visit, normally I’ll start by checking in with you, the parent, and discuss any recent challenges or trends you have noticed that I could work on in our session.


Next, you can either hang out in the waiting room, or join us in the session (brownie points!), I’ll switch the focus to your child, connect with them, assess their engine level, and proceed with the session.


Chances are I will talk back and forth with you while I treat your child to explain things, get a better overall understanding of all the moving pieces, and connect with you - because you are a part of the team too!


Once our time is up I will ask if you have any other questions & send you on your way. Each session is about an hour long. I will spend 50 minutes with your child, then reserve 10 minutes at the end to go over what we worked on with you.

at school

If you would prefer me to see your child at school, I can contact their teacher to pinpoint the best time for me to see them, minimizing the amount of academic time missed.


At our agreed time, I will take them to another area in the school where we will work on their individual goals. Everything we work on in our gym can be adapted for a school setting.


Depending on their goals, I can also work with them in their classroom to help them problem solve, assist, or facilitate the necessary skills for certain classroom activities.


Seeing your child at school also gives me the opportunity to talk with their teacher and piece together the reasoning behind their challenges.


After my visit I will  send you progress pictures via text, in addition to sending monthly progress emails & having phone conversations.

in your home

Home sessions can be the most interactive of all our treatment sessions. Everything we work on in our gym can be adapted to work in a home setting.


If it is best for your child, we can work on their goals in their room, but most of the time we work in a common room. You can either join us as we work & play (highly recommend!), or watch along.


There is a lot of parent coaching that happens during home sessions, so the more involved you are the better!


Sessions are an hour long, 50 minutes of therapy plus 10 minutes for us to talk.

tactile play therapy

"My son has been working with Michaelene for 4 years and she has made a world of difference with him. He was struggling with yet-undiagnosed processing issues as well as needing help with fine motor skills and some gross motor skills. Every session with her, she is clear, positive, helpful and most of all my son adores her. Now with the addition of Sadie the therapy dog, we can't get him to want to leave after his sessions!"

- Jennifer Wiggin

We'll be a great fit for you if..

You are looking for a pediatric occupational therapist in Sandy Springs, Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, or any of the surrounding areas.

You love learning, asking questions, and are open to trying new ideas or strategies.


You are committed to your child's developmental journey & value working as a team.

You don't take life too seriously - we have a tendency to play silly imaginary games & laugh along the way (when appropriate of course).

You like to keep it real. We don't like to sugar coat things around here - we're salt of the earth kind of people!

You are looking for a therapist that is eager to learn about your child & invested in their wellbeing. 

Sound like a good fit? let's talk!

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